LETTER: Republican polls rigged against Commissioner Martin

Having been a part of the first section of straw polls I can confirm these polls are rigged against Scott Martin and Ethan Demme. Neal Rice came out of no where and needs to be exposed as the puppet he is. Our area chair who sold out to an incoming commissioner and his High roller funders basically lied about Commissioner Martin to get the committee to block vote him and used fake proxies to trump up the votes. Ethan Demme even deserves to be a Senator over Neal Rice who couldn’t answer basic questions when my fellow committee people asked him.

I am so disgusted over what is happening because a corrupt incoming commissioner sold his soul to the same rich people who have robbed tax payers in our county.

We need an open primary!!!!! The committee can’t be trusted and it pains me to say that because we have been committee people for the people. Now we are filled with government employees and funded by corrupt business people who hate Scott Martin for all the good he has done for our county. I am so sick over this. Many of us are.

Updated: December 20, 2015 — 8:46 am