Lancaster medical rip off of insurers

(When the cast was removed from a simple wrist fracture, the local medical practice encouraged the patient to purchase a customized splint and sling for $476. It was explained that the insurer would pay all the cost. The patient objected and ultimately selected the least expensive standard version for $40.

The following is from the wife of a phsyician in Canada, where they have a single payer health system.)

Boy, no wonder the U.S. Health system is in crisis!

The day my cast came off, I was fitted for what I could only describe as an open-ended tube sock. The specialist explained that it provides no support, but eases the transition from coming out of a cast. I wore it for the rest of the day, then no longer.

I may have worn a neoprene wrist brace on a couple of occasions while doing barn chores, as my wrist was weak and tired easily, but that’s about it. You are right. The sooner you can go without a splint the faster you will regain strength and mobility.

Many patients may not even be aware of what they are signing when several papers are produced at once for their signature.

$476! YIKES!