Intelligencer Journal

Editorial “Rendell has been good for Lancaster” states “During Rendell’s eight years in office, Lancaster County has received more than $636 million in funding.  That ranges from funding for Clipper Magazine Stadium and the Lancaster County Convention Center to farmland preservation to conservation to transportation improvements to funding for colleges.  Every township in the county has benefited in some way.”

WATCHDOG: First of all, without measuring how many tax dollars Lancaster has sent to the State,  it is difficult to reach a conclusion.

More accurate would have been a heading “Gib Armstrong has been good for Lancaster” except even that would not have been correct because the Convention Center Project may prove to be a proverbial ‘white elephant’ rather than a blessing.

Rendell was highly beholding to Armstrong for enactment of casino gambling and funding the expansion of the near billion dollar Philadelphia Convention Center expansion since Armstrong then served as Senate Appropriation Chair.  In turn, Armstrong was reputedly beholding to Dale High.

Although NewsLanc has it from a secondary source deemed credible, it has not substantiated that Armstrong, in reference to the development of the Convention Center Project, early on told a high city official “This one is pay back  for Dale.” True or not, it sure turned out that way!