In 11th hour bid, Kane seeks reinstatement of her law license

PHILLY.COM: On the eve of a critical Senate hearing on her political future, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has asked the state Supreme Court on an emergency basis to reinstate her law license…

The high court suspended Kane’s law license after she was charged with perjury and other offenses for allegedly leaking confidential grand jury material in a big to embarrass a critic. She has pleaded not guilty and vowed to remain in office.

After its hearing Wednesday, the committee is expected to produce a report to recommend whether the full Senate should vote to remove her. The constitution provides that she and other elected officials may be removed by the governor “reasonable cause,” after a two-thirds vote in the Senate… (more)







  1. Where is Dudly DoRght when you need him??? Another win for Big Corruption in Pennsylvania!! I still can’t understand why Democrats are silent? I guess both parties are guilty as charged. Give her Justice!!

  2. I can’t get over all the people here that either support or are against AG Kane and have not seen the facts. If a jury says she is guilty fine and if they don’t fine with that. The support or lack of it should be tied to the truth, period. Lots of us vote for people in either party and do not assess automatic guilt or innocence based on party sex or anything else.

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