EDITORIAL: Morris should stay as member

A contributor has written a thoughtful letter, “Art Morris Must Step Down.”

NewsLanc agrees that the Convention Center Chair (and interim Executive Director) now finds himself in a serious conflict of interest, since his financial well being and his reputation for integrity depend on the outcome of the lawsuit brought by former county commissioner Molly Henderson.

His actions, consciously or sub-consciously, could be influenced by concerns about the future testimony of parties affiliated with The Lancaster Newspapers, Inc., a codefendant with Morris.

Morris clearly should not remain as chair because every move he makes, every action the board takes, will be under the suspicion that there may be ulterior motives. There have been too many reasons for such suspicions in the past before Morris took over from Ted Darcus and Dave Hixson.

Nevertheless, Morris’s competence, experience and contributions are very valuable. If only a board member, he would not be acting in an executive capacity.

We urge that Morris decline to be a candidate for reelection as chair but retain his seat on the board, at least for the time being.