Concerning “NewsLancs mission evolves for the new decade”

Hear! Hear! There is plenty to keep us all busy in the coming year(s). We’ve been overrun by what I call “carpetbaggers” who exhibit all the questionable qualities which describe the type of person who would be labeled as such.

We are going to hell in a hand basket, folks, and it ain’t gonna be pretty! I saw people today at the Crossings Shopping site and had to laugh at how, a few years ago, I was told while raising an objection to such a traffic clogging, unnecessary addition, by the gal, (whose name escapes me—Lisa, perhaps?) that I can forget about objecting because, “like it or not, it is coming”.

I propose that every major scheme engaged in by our “leaders”, that will financially affect the people of Lancaster City and county, be put to vote in ballot form.

As for the meetings where, I hear, our very own Mayor can’t stay awake!, I believe the turnout would be greater if the people of Lancaster City were not working 2 and 3 jobs just to stay afloat with money problems and the Mayor’s budget which increased the cost of necessities for the people of Lancaster city.

I called the Mayor’s office one fine day and asked to speak to him. “Not in” was the reply. I answered, “will you please ask the Mayor if he is willing to take a cut in pay to perhaps save some jobs?” I left my name and phone and never received an answer. Meanwhile I hear he has hired someone for his “staff” in what capacity I do now know…but I DO remember hearing the salary was $85,000.00 a year! Shame on you Mayor Gray. Shame!!