Better PAM be a “strong community music center”

I wish you, PAM, the Jamanises and Lancaster the best of luck in your aspirations but do not believe there is even a remote possibility for what you are striving to achieve. I fear that efforts to do so are misdirected and will result in additional funding going down the drain, making it difficult if not impossible thereafter to raise funds for support of a strong community music center focused on attracting qualified teachers to work with local and regional students who may be accepted on the basis of their interest and dedication regardless of what, if any, price they can afford.

Such a center would serve as the foundation for building or improving the cadre of a quality regional orchestra and serve as a basis for attracting other musical events to downtown Lancaster.

You may be interested to know that it was the Settlement Music School [Philadelphia] that served as both the inspiration and incubator for the establishment of the Curtis Institute of Music, which sprung from its loins. I would suggest that whoever is in charge of PAM make a study of the history and success of the Settlement Music School and use its experience as a guide to creating a quality community musical study and performance center for Lancaster and its surrounding area.

To echo a well known refrain, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

Editor’s note:  The writer has served on boards of prominent musical academies.