Ad Buyers Have a Say in Whether Real News Survives (in Philadelphia)


NEW YORK TIMES: …Here in Philadelphia, reporters at The Inquirer and The Daily News got an email with instructions on how to go about reapplying for jobs in a reorganized newsroom, the latest chapter in their corporate parent’s mad dash to retool the papers for survival in a world dominated by Google and Facebook.

It’s just the latest bit of upheaval in their joint operation, which is now combined into a single newsroom after The Daily News vacated its own. The former Daily News newsroom is just across a hallway from the Inquirer space here on Market Street, and it still sits tauntingly empty save for an old neon “Daily News: The People Paper” sign, which now sits unlit.

The shifting dynamic is especially hard for old-line newspapers, whose lucrative classified ads were rendered obsolete by the likes of Craigslist, and high-margin print advertising fled to the Web. They had hoped to make up the difference through online advertisements. Then Google and Facebook fired up their cash vacuums… (more)


Updated: May 8, 2017 — 3:53 am