′′The Belarusian prison I’ve been taken to four times before is now a concentration camp.”

NewsLanc is withholding the name of the sender and his correspondent who is excerpted below for their protection. We believe this is from highly reliable sources.
“The prison I’ve been taken to four times before is now a concentration camp. 70 blue-purple people are being kept locked up in a 5 szövetségese meter open-top concrete beat for days without water and food,”-wrote to me today by ————-, a Belarusian friend of mine about how Orbán’s friend and ally is terrorized by Orbán’s friend and ally , Alexander Lukashenko the resistance in Minsk.
“——- is an extremely intelligent, cheerful student who visited Budapest in November 2018, where he participated in our video interest training. He also published the following report on his Facebook page, from one of his friends who is currently being treated in hospital after being beaten half to death and tortured. I translated it into Hungarian. The report shows, among other things, that Lukashenko’s attack police are helping the Russian secret service people to terrorize the people. The Hungarian government is silent – and does not want us to talk about this. Share it too so that everyone can see what happens!
′” ‘Around 300 people surrounded us when two black uniform ALMAZ (Belarusian Ministry of Interior Terrorism Unit – S.P.) approx. Then I noticed that the six-vehicle column of OMON (Soviet special police forces – S.P.) is approaching us. Apple and OMON attack police rushed us down at the same time. Suddenly we noticed that we were surrounded by three sides and we started running in the fourth direction. After that, soon, police cars also blocked our path from the direction of helmet and armed attack police. People were kneeled to the ground, screaming sounded everywhere. We understand that we have nowhere to escape…
“I got beaten and tied my hands back too. Three attack police carried me around the corner and said: ′′ Now we put grenades in your underwear, we secure them, you explode, and we say you wanted to use an unknown explosive device against us.” And with that they put a grenade in my bottom and they ran away. Then they came back, beat me again. My tooth broke because I had to carry my backpack in my mouth. When the backpack fell on the ground, I was beaten and put on again, but they just hit me. Beat, beaten, endless.’
“I was thrown in the car that was crowded with people on each other’s backs. From time to time they beat us. If you complained about something, you got extra beat. One of the men said he has asthma and is drowning. And one of the attack police put his boots on his neck and strangled and said, ′’You can die, we don’t care!’
“Then suddenly they moved me to another car. I was surrounded by two RPDs from two sides, face to ground and beat my leg for 2-3 minutes. My feet are full of bruises ever since. Then they put me back in the other car and drove off with me. At the side of the road, OMON police officer’s foot was on my neck. If I lifted my head off the floor even a centimeter, they started hitting.
“I didn’t have any ID or mobile phone. Whoever found a cell phone tried to check it out. If it was code protected and you didn’t tell the code they broke the phone. One of the guys who refused to pass the code was threatened to get raped with a stick. He gave the code and the police started to look at Telegram’s messages.
“There were girls too, around 18 years old who tried to help the injured. They were insulted and slammed by the attack police. When one of the girls answered something, they shaved some of her hair. ′′If you don’t shut your mouth, we’ll take you in and in front of the cameras, more men will rape you, then we’ll take you to the woods. And you will end up there,’ threatened. Girls were beaten less than boys. Boys have been brutally beaten, no break. Hands, feet, with or without stick. When they put us against the wall, people were beaten while they had to put their heads against the wall.
“Then at an intersection, people were moved to another vehicle that transported them to CIR (Collection Hospital – S.P.) We got driven out of the car in a paroko. Had to cross a hallway, both sides of which were trained by 20-20 police officers. You had to run down the aisle while getting hit from both sides. They intentionally aimed at the head, the fluff, the feet, to make you fall. If you fell, they hit you until you woke up. At the end I was thrown into a bus by my hands and feet.
“I think Russian special units have worked on us. I was wearing a ′′Freedom for Sencov!’ t-shirt (Oleg Szencov Ukrainian film director and activist was kidnapped and imprisoned by Russian authorities for protesting Crimea’s invasion – S.P.). One of them was saying: ′’Well, you’re even against Russia!’ They speak with a Russian accent and called us ′you Belarusians’, differentiating themselves from us. ′’You have such a good father, and you don’t like it?’ (????????????? ), they asked.
“Belarusians wouldn’t say it like that.  I was beaten with a rubber stick, but it was a metal bar inside. Before that, they only hit me with a rubber stick. Once again: there was no opportunity to resist. You did not resist. What they say you do. You are quiet. You do not refer to your rights. On the bus a special officer came over and hit me in the head with his metal stick. Because it’s so hard, so after the first punch I felt almost nothing. He beat me for a while and then left me. I could barely breathe. I don’t know where it’s better: up where you get beaten or below where other people can barely breathe.
“Then they transported in a prisoner mobile that had small cells suitable for 3 people. 8 people have been crowded in this. I lay right against the wall. I saw blood flowing on the wall. That’s when I realized I had a broken head because I hadn’t felt pain until now. The crowd was busy, I started losing consciousness, I passed out several times.
“When we arrived at the collector dentist and opened the car door, I just fell out on the street. ′’Oh, looks like this is ready,’  they said. They pulled me in the grass and left me lying there. My head was broke, my whole body is blue-green. I couldn’t move, I lost consciousness, my mouth was drooling. ′’Well, this one is even drugged,’ they joke on me. At that time I was already in cramps.
“The doctor said I was unconscious so they stopped beating me. The others were kneeled and pushed forward. Activists and those who, in their opinion, were marked with red paint and isolated. From the building there were constantly creepy crying and screaming. They say there are special torture chambers where people are tortured until they lose consciousness. I think this is true.
“There are many injured people lying in hospital. Rubber bullet, cuts, fractures. Not enough doctors. I was lucky the ambulance took me out of the collector hospital and went to hospital. That’s a concentration camp where people are tortured…”
Updated: August 13, 2020 — 12:13 pm