Turmoil in Ukraine

By Slava Tsukerman

On November 21  the Ukrainian government announced a decision to stop European Union integration and suspend pursuit of an association agreement. This decision triggered mass rallies in Ukrainian cities involving more than 100,000 protesters.

TV stations throughout the world presented covered the pro-European Union integration demonstrations in Ukraine.

But in Ukraine there also was activity opposing E. U. integration. This activity is not as massive as the pro–European, but still pretty noticeable.

Here is a Ukrainian Internet TV station video, showing religious Orthodox demonstration against European integration in Kiev:

[youtube 0EdIyg6h8BA]

In need for support to it’s unpopular actions, Ukrainian government unofficially does all it can to incite the enemies of Ukraine’s E. U. –integration. One way is the very active promotion of the image of Europe as a kingdom of homosexuals and same gender marriages. Such marriages are an ongoing subject of Ukrainian official TV news’ coverage.

Pro government demonstrators refer to “Euro–Sodom”, blaming it for spreading of homosexuality, legalization of drugs, and euthanasia. They sing Orthodox prayers and the anthem of Russia Czars. They carry slogans: “NO to integration into Euro – Sodom!”; “Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia together are the Sacred Russia!”

Not long ago there was a very suspect Gay Parade, the obvious purpose of which was to inflame passions against homosexuals. The organizers of this fake demonstration brought to Kiev the most outrageous looking bums and alcoholics from all over Ukraine and paid them for marching with gay flags and slogans.  Here are some photos of the ‘parade’:

Updated: December 3, 2013 — 10:05 pm
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