Trump’s end game – Hardcore supporters have the rifles

By Robert E. Field, Publisher

President Donald Trump gave up hope of winning re-election in a traditional manner at least half a year ago. He appears to be following a different path to achieve a second term through devious mechanisms and ultimately blood in the streets.

His diabolical scheme:

To cast such doubt on the integrity of mail-in-ballots to provide cover for sufficient Republican legislatures to replace popularly elected Democrats  to the Electoral College with their own slate of Republican representatives, exercising the right to appoint permitted by the U. S Constitution and practiced during the early decades of our Republic.

His assets:

Toady William Barr as Attorney General removing neutral, career justice department officials .

Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to the Supreme Court by election day, assuring a working conservative majority of at least five conservative judges in addition to Chief Justice John Roberts.

Republican control of the Senate led by sycophant Mitch McConnell.

Twenty-nine Republican controlled state legislatures.

Twenty-six state delegations in the House of Representatives in which there are more Republican than Democrat representatives.  The U. S. Constitution makes the House the final word on contested elections and each state gets one vote, giving  Republicans a 26 to 24 victory.

And if he can’t line out enough votes in the House, he can depend upon many Second Amendment supporters, perhaps 30% of the adult population, to unlock their rifle chests and go out into the streets to force a Democrat concessoin. (As Blacks learned from skirmishes with Whites at the end of post Civil War Reconstruction, pistols are no match for rifles.)

A quick check of the Internet indicates rifles are hard to come by and ammunition is on back order. Still more evidence of what is afoot.

If we study the seemingly outrageous statements of Trump with this secret agenda in mind, everything he says becomes understandable.

Some top military leaders recently said they would resign in protest against unlawful orders. That is ridiculous! They took an oath to defend the Constitution. They need to stay in place and resist.

The last lines of defense are the Secret Service and the military. If they don’t protect us from mob action,  we may not have another opportunity to restore Democracy for decades to come, if even then.

Updated: September 30, 2020 — 2:23 pm