The Most Popular Blogger in Russia

By Slava Tsukerman

Twenty-nine year old Ilya Varlamov is the most popular blogger in Russia. His blog has 57,652 subscribers.

Varlamov is a designer, photographer and businessman. In 2002, being a student of School of Architecture, he opened an advertising company, that now has an annual turnover of $3,000,000.  Varlamov is the owner of several organizations and agencies, but mostly he is known as a writer and a photographer who publishes a blog “Photo-travel and more”.

In his blog Varlamov covers wide variety of subjects.  One of his latest posts that especially impressed me was an article about a Russian businessman Yuri Kitashin who had built an Ossetra Farm, producing best black caviar in the world in the middle of the Saudi desert.

The farm produces four tones of caviar a year, half of which goes to Saudi King, half to the most expensive Moscow stores.

But Ilya Varlamov became famous mostly because of his political photo publications.

Here is an example: his coverage of this year Moscow political action.

A group of political activists placed a poster with portraits of Vladimir Putin and the most famous Russian political prisoner Mikhail Khodorkovsky on the bridge near Kremlin.

Under the portraits there was a description: “It’s a time to change places”.

A dozen of photographers and TV were covering the action, but Yuri’s coverage was especially interesting.

When police car arrived a policeman demanded Ilya to stop shooting. But in vein.

Varlamov photographed the policeman. Policeman took a telephone from his pocket and photographed Varlamov.

Policemen demanded Ilya to show his documents. The photographer refused and demanded the policeman to show his documents. Policeman did it.

Are you surprised that Ilya Varlamov is the most popular blogger of Russia?

“Introduce yourself and show me your ID!”

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