Russian March

by Slava Tsukerman

The so-called “Russian March” – the biggest yearly demonstration of Russian nationalists – took place on November 4th in 67 Russian Cities.

Here is the wikipedia info about this event.

The Russian March of 2012 had been the biggest to date. Russian newspapers reported that from 5 to 10 thousand people participated in the March in Moscow. Organizers of the event reported 20 thousand participants, police recorded 6 thousand. This Sunday marked the first time the annual Russian March was held in central Moscow and not in Lyublino, a neighborhood in the capital’s obscure southeastern outskirts.

In American media the biggest report on the event was presented by the Washington Post.

Nationalistic sentiments are shared by many Russians: those who demand to “Stop Feeding the Caucasus” (opposing federal subsidies to Chechen Republic and other Caucasus republics); those, who oppose uncontrolled migration from Central Asia and the Caucasus to Russia; and finally, those who consider members of democratic opposition (and even some members of Putin’s government who support capitalistic and other “Western values”) to be “Western” and “American” agents “occupying Holy Russia”.

All the nationalistic specter of the Russian society was presented at the March: from Orthodox Christian believers to Neo Nazis.

Russian Orthodox Christians.

Followers of the ancient Russian Paganism.

Neo Nazis, yelling: “Sieg Heil!, Sieg Heil! Long Live Breivik!”

Here is the video presentation of the event, made by its organizers:

[youtube L9Y-XxvSV58]

Very interesting is another video, edited to a song : “Nobody but us will be able to save Russia! We bring on terror to our enemies. Future belongs to us!”.

[youtube gSth6e-B9bI]

Here the texts of some of slogans, carried by demonstrators:

“Russian march for Russian Empire”

“Forgive us Russia, that we permitted to crucify you!”

“Let’s give Russia back to Russians!”

“Freedom to Russia!”

“We demand nationalistic representation in Parliament!”

The slogan: “The more enemies – the more respect!” is very characteristic:

Here are some illustrations of Marches that took place, not just in Moscow, but all over Russia.

Uriupinsk, a town with population of about 41 thousand. It is the most typical Russian provincial town, often called “the capital of Russian province”.

Here is the photo of the 2012 Russian March in Uriupinsk:

Below is the video of the 2012 Russian March in the biggest city of Siberia – Novosibirsk (1,473,754 population).

[youtube RQkB_7MAF04]

Here is the translation of the song, used as the sound track to the video:

“Russian land, the home of God,

You are lit with holy light.

Russian land, who have insulted you?

There is no forgiveness to your enemies.

Russians, God is with us!

Russians don’t sell out.

For our motherland we’ll give our last breath.

We are Russians!

Russians are marching.”

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