Russian Anti-Americanism is growing

By Slava Tsukerman

YouTube presents several interviews with Sergei Glaziev, advisor to President Putin. Glaziev is a Doctor of Economics, former minister of the Foreign Economic Relations, and a former candidate for the presidency of Russia (2004). His anti – American position is well known in Russia. His impact upon growing Russian anti–Americanism is vast.

Here is one of his interviews subtitled in English:

[youtube cikvqdMRTTA]

The main ideas of the interview are:

“Americans are starting a war in Europe. They want to weaken Europe, break up Russia and subjugate the entire Eurasian continent…

“For the past 20 years Americans have been grooming Ukrainian Nazism aimed against Russia…

“What is the association, which was signed by Poroshenko with the European leaders?

It’s a transformation of Ukraine into a colony…

“The goal of American politics is to create as many victims as possible…

“The Ukrainian Nazi junta is an instrument of this policy…”

Glaziev’s another speech presented by YouTube is entitled: “US is militarizing Ukraine to invade Russia”. It is also subtitled in English.

[youtube nWT5HM_NMlI]

Sergei Glaziev’s point of view is shared today by the most Russians. The anti-American propaganda in Russia reached the point when practically all problems of the world are blamed on USA.

Some students of the Journalistic department of the Moscow University were asked who started the WWI and who was Russia’s enemy in that war. Many answered: America.

Russian Internet published a video where people in Moscow streets were asked who they think had shot the Malaysian Boeing. One intelligent looking young woman has answered: “Of cause Americans.” The interviewer asked her: “Why? I heard there were Americans on the plane.” “So what?” – the young woman have answered,  “Americans could easily kill their own for political reasons. Americans are known for their violence.”

“Snob”, one of the most intellectual Russian Internet sites, recently published an article of Igor Ashmanov, one of the top Internet specialists in Russia, commenting on the possibility of a complete cut off of  Russia from the world Internet. Here is a translation of the last paragraph of the article:

“If I’ve been in the place of our leaders, I would have taken the same decisions that they are now taking. When the Prime Minister of Australia said that they would introduce new sanctions if Russia would not take responsibility for the collapse of the Boeing airplane, you realize that you’re dealing with crazies. They went crazy because the American knee pushed their behind very strongly. It turns out that the switch from our Internet is now in the hands of Americans, who behave inappropriately. In the situation, when we can not take from them their nuclear power, it would be right to take from them the switch of the Internet.”

Here are some Russian posters copied from Internet:

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