REF Speaks:   Is President Trump largely correct on immigration policy?

As a youngster growing up in the 40’s and 50’s, I became aware of the plight of much of the world’s population that lived under conditions of poverty and disease. Their misery was much discussed and the result was foreign aid through worldwide institutions or directly through USA sponsored programs.   It was hardly enough but did do much good.

And over time immigration rules were relaxed and enforcement languished.

However, in my judgment, had the question been put to the public during the decades following World War II as to whether immigration levels should be such as would result in a majority non- Caucasian population by the middle of the 21st Century, very few would have been supportive of such an approach.


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It is perfectly natural for people to want to improve their and especially their children’s lives. But it is also natural for a nation to desire to retain its identity. And while some level of immigration can be justified as humane and desirable for a nation, at a certain point it deprives the citizenry with an unforeseen outcome.

(Our immigration policies remind us of cooking a frog by slowly warming the water.)

In the late 1960s, the White population was about 85%. Currently it is around 65%. By the late 2040’s it is expected to drop down below 50%. Meanwhile, the African-American population has remained around about 13% and is projected to remain that way.

I don’t hold with many of the nativist anti-immigration views for supporting President Donald Trump in his effort to significantly curtail immigration, but I do believe there exists a very thoughtful and important discussion to be held. The outcome might be very tight limits on immigration over the next few decades and a qualitative evaluation of those accepted for immediate ability to contribute, much along the lines the Trump administration is belatedly proposing.

As for the “Dreamers” , they have become Americanized and I think should be allowed go remain.   But no special preference should be given them for bringing their family members to the USA.   They and their parents already in the USA should be provided with a path to citizenship.

Concerning illegal immigrants, perhaps those who came within the past five years might be sent back unless they face special dangers.

I am sorry if this is upsetting to readers but, as I have done in the past, I have spoken out on touchy subjects.

Just because many (including me) dislike President Trump and many of his policies should not deter us from discussing and addressing serious matters pertaining to the long term nature of our nation. That is the inherent right of every nation.

Updated: December 31, 2017 — 10:54 am

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  1. Nice article. I support your position.

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