MILLER: Harrisburg or Washington — farce is same

By Dick Miller WE.CONNECT.DOTS:  Pennsylvania residents, taxpayers, and constituents. Condolences to almost all of you.  (A distinctive, conservative minority may like what is going on, even if they don’t understand it.) Harrisburg or Washington, Republican or Democrat, the disingenuous label applies. How we are getting shortchanged in Washington is more obvious than at our state […]

State rules City must turn over requested records to NewsLanc re Marriott / CRIZ / RACL

The following is the ruling by the Office of Open Records of the State of Pennsylvania requiring the City to provide NewsLanc with copies of all the requested documents pertaining to the CRIZ grant, RACL, and communications with Penn Square Partners pertaining to the expansion of the Marriott Hotel in downtown Lancaster.. CONCLUSION For the […]

Hard for Russian government to ignore this sensational report on corruption

By Slava Tsukerman Lately in Russia a number of publications are discussing corruption by Russian governmental elite. There were 24 million views of a film about real estate properties of prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, produced by Alexei Navalny’s Anti Corruption Foundation.  It triggered rallies all over Russia. For the first time in modern Russian history […]

New Jersey Marijuana Medical Review Panel Recommends Adding Chronic Pain, Migraine, Anxiety and Tourette’s Syndrome to List of Qualifying Conditions

  Drug Policy Alliance:  Today, the New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Program Review Panel made initial recommendations to the Health Commissioner to approve chronic pain, migraine, anxiety and Tourette’s Syndrome as qualifying conditions for the medical marijuana program. “We are glad to see that the panel took the testimony of experts and the petitions of New […]

TSUKERMAN: “Prisoners’ Way of Life”: A new Russian youth subculture

By Slava Tsukerman Several years ago a new youth subculture appeared in Russia. In a few years it spread almost all over the country, massively introduced into schools, boarding schools, orphanages and vocational children camps. The main participants are children aged 10 to 17. The representatives of this subculture call themselves AUE, an abbreviation, hiding […] © 2016