REF: A near death dream

  A near death dream   3:00 AM, Friday, February 22, 2019 There was a fire, there was an gasoline saturated  cloth linking the living working above and the fire below. There was the moment of fear that they would touch. And then the holocaust and all were dead. Then the spirits of those involved […]

Three for one:  The Jamanis family at Catholic High (Time changed)

March 3, 2019, at 3:00 pm at Lancaster Catholic High School, Michael Jamanis will be performing (with his mum & dad!) works of Viennese composers Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and Brahms.  This event is FREE, but donations are encouraged! All proceeds will support the arts at LCHS. Please spread the word! Friends, family, co-workers, baristas, strangers on the […]


All my life my Liberal friends saw me as Conservative and my Conservative friends perceived me as Liberal. I have always sought to look at things as they are…  Not through the prism of ideology.  

Russian Media Lauds New Russian Weapons Able to Annihilate USA

By Slava Tsukerman Lately, several articles about the superiority of Russian weapons appeared in the Russian press. The articles were widely reprinted by dozens of Russian publications. On January 28, 2019, Zvezda, Russian weekly of the Ministry of Defense, published the article of the military expert Alexey Leonkov entitled “Why attempts to cast doubt on […]

REF Speaks: Re Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia and The tyranny of Zeitgeist

  By Robert Field   Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Scholars have long maintained that each era has a unique spirit, a nature or climate that sets it apart from all other epochs. In German, such a spirit is known as “Zeitgeist,” from the German words Zeit, meaning “time,” and Geist, meaning “spirit” or “ghost.” Some writers and artists assert that the true […]

Dick Shellenberger, a leader of good character, RIP

By Robert Field Statements in the below obituary of Dick Shellenberger are shameful and we blame the editors and publisher of LNP for allowing and likely encouraging the almost decade long distortions.  This was an opportunity to imply “mea culpa” for their long going, self serving, no holds barred role in the Lancaster Convention Center […]

What do Marie Antoinette, Sigmund Freud, schnitzel, and Michael Jamanis have in common?

What do Marie Antoinette, Sigmund Freud, schnitzel, and Michael Jamanis have in common? (hint: it’s not powdered wigs) The answer is Vienna, and Michael is bringing the wonderful music of Classical-era Vienna to Lancaster, along with two very special guests – his parents! The program will include works by Mozart, Beethoven, Shubert, and Brahms. WHEN: Tuesday, January […]