Dick Shellenberger, a leader of good character, RIP

By Robert Field Statements in the below obituary of Dick Shellenberger are shameful and we blame the editors and publisher of LNP for allowing and likely encouraging the almost decade long distortions.  This was an opportunity to imply “mea culpa” for their long going, self serving, no holds barred role in the Lancaster Convention Center […]

What do Marie Antoinette, Sigmund Freud, schnitzel, and Michael Jamanis have in common?

What do Marie Antoinette, Sigmund Freud, schnitzel, and Michael Jamanis have in common? (hint: it’s not powdered wigs) The answer is Vienna, and Michael is bringing the wonderful music of Classical-era Vienna to Lancaster, along with two very special guests – his parents! The program will include works by Mozart, Beethoven, Shubert, and Brahms. WHEN: Tuesday, January […]

REF speaks: The fall of Lancaster

By Robert Field David Schuyler’s book published in 2002 * on the  process of redevelopment of downtown Lancaster some fifty years ago describes the largely unsuccessful effort at the time to protect downtown Lancaster as the core retail center from attempts to develop suburban shopping centers. The result of the regional  ‘understanding’  was the ultimate […]

Excerpts from from a year end letter from an Australian specialist in drug treatment

Dear friends, neighbours and colleagues, …It has been a challenging year but with many rewards as we watch our patients achieve their goals, major and minor.  As I approach retiring age I can provide more customised treatment for those with opiate, benzodiazepine and alcohol problems.  Specifically we use split doses, high doses, low doses, frequent […]

Russians Enticed to Come to the USA to Give Birth

  By Slava Tsukerman During an interview with the political website Axios, the US president Donald Trump said he would sign an executive order ending so-called birthright citizenship, which was understood by most people as included in the 14th amendment to the US constitution 150 years ago. Unexpectedly this Trump’s statement triggered passionate discussion in Russian […]

Mexico Supreme Court Ruling Effectively Legalizes Marijuana Use, Possession and Cultivation

Drug Policy Alliance www.drugpolicy.org For Immediate Release: October 31, 2018 Hannah Hetzer 917-701-7060   Available Now for Interview and Analysis: DPA International Drug Policy Expert Hannah Hetzer   In two separate rulings Wednesday, Mexico’s Supreme Court effectively set binding precedent that ends the country’s prohibition on marijuana use, possession and cultivation. The following is a […]

Effect of American Sanctions on Future Russian Economy

By Slava Tsukerman New U.S. sanctions against Russia over a nerve agent attack in Britain have come into effect. The sanctions will terminate some financial assistance and arms sales to Russia, as well as deny the country credit and prohibit the export of security-sensitive goods and technology. It is natural that top authorities on Russian economy […]

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