Russian Reaction to Morgan Freeman Accusation ‘We are at war. We have been attacked”

By Slava Tsukerman On September 19, Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman published on Internet a two-minute video he filmed for the non-profit ‘Committee to Investigate Russia’. He claimed that Moscow meddled in the US election. In the video Freeman said: “We are at war. We have been attacked.” He stated that the attack was masterminded by […]

Holy war inside Russia over state sponsored but church opposed movie

    By Slava Tsukerman On September 12, 2017, two biggest Russian movie theater chains informed audience that they are breaking their contracts and not going to release the new feature film “Matilda”, partly produced on state money and approved by the Russian government. The chains made their decision out of fear of Russian Orthodox […]

Manhattan District Attorney Announces New Policy to Reduce Impact of Marijuana Possession Arrests, Citing Collateral Consequences

DA Calls on State Legislature to Act on Marijuana Reform DRUG POLICY ALLIANCE: Today, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. announced a shift in his office’s policy for New Yorkers arrested for low level marijuana possession.This policy change was created in an effort to reduce the number of New Yorkers, mostly young people of color, […]

Russian Public opinion nationalistic and pro Putin

By Slava Tsukerman Today Russia is extremely divided. A small percentage of democratically oriented intellectuals are violently opposed by the majority, aggressively supporting Putin’s policy. Here is a screenshot of a post from the Facebook. This post is obviously written by an ignorant and naïve extremist. But today this post is also extremely typical. That’s […]

City appeals state ruling to provide information to NewsLanc re $9 million CRIZ award

On July 26, Office of Open Records Appeals Officer Kathleen A. Higgins, Esq. determined that  the City of Lancaster should turn over information pertaining to Lancaster’s controversial City Revitalization and Improvement Zone. Penn Square Partners has asked for a $9 million CRIZ contribution (not repayable) towards the expansion of the Lancaster Marriott Hotel. The money […]

It took PennDOT to do something right for the city and region

The LNP article “PennDOT buys land to add Lancaster Amtrak parking, but timetable undetermined” is indeed very good news because the painful shortage of parking at the Amtrak station has discouraged use of train service and thus thwarted downtown and regional development It would have been even worse had not a decade ago, upon seeing the original plan to upgrade the station, […]

TSUKERMAN: Russian Public terrified over repercussions of American Senate act

By Slava Tsukerman The Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, the legislation to sanction Iran, Russia and North Korea, passed the House 419-3 on July 25, passed the US Senate 98-2 on July 27, and finally on August 2,  President Donald Trump signed it into law. This event triggered a hysterical reaction in Russia. The most typical is the title of […]

State budget a bugger, again

By Dick Miller   WE.CONNECT.DOTS: This is the beginning of the sixth week our state government lacks a constitutionally-mandated operating budget.  It’s also “shark week,” at least on the science-fiction cable channel. What do they have in common? Both are “gloriously idiotic” and “absolutely pointless.” With the largest and most expensive legislature in the nation, Pennsylvania […] © 2016