Russian Duma decriminalizing domestic violence

By Slava Tsukerman The above poster shows official statistics presented by Russian Ministry of Interior. According to this data every day 36,000 Russian women and 26,000 Russian children are subjected to domestic violence. Twelve-thousand women are killed annually by their partners: one woman every 40 minutes. Two thousand children annually commit suicide and 10,000 run […]

Why Russians love Donald Trump?

By Slava Tsukerman All serious professional Russian commentators agree that there is no reason to believe that Donald Trump is going to be an especially pro–Russian President of the US. Even official press-representative of President Putin Dmitri Peskov had stated: “Let’s not rush, let’s not rejoice beforehand”. Nevertheless most of representatives of the Russian media […]

WE.CONNECT.DOTS: Obamacare for dummies

By Dick Miller WE.CONNECT.DOTS:  Once upon a time the leaders of the industrialized nations on earth concluded that quality health care was a right, not a privilege. Scratch that. Every industrialized nation except for the United States. Bosses in the United States believed health care was another product of a free market.  Another form of […]

Park City in danger; “Department Stores, Once Anchors at Malls, Become Millstones”

NEWSLANC:   For a decade  we have been warning about the proliferation of commercial zoning and re-zoning in the region, enabling the development of large shopping centers, often with ‘big box stores’, to compete with Park City Mall.  It was obvious that some anchors would succumb to Internet competition and , as they do, national brand […]

Neighboring countries fear of Russia

By Slava Tsukerman Russia’s growing militarization and President Elect Donald Trump’s isolationistic sentiments trigger emotional reaction in countries neighboring Russia. A Lithuanian historian Alvydas Nikzhentaytis in his interview to the website Delfi said that in order to deal with Russia, neighboring countries need a new geopolitical alliance. The idea of the creation of an alliance, […] © 2016