MILLER: Timeline of a major goof in Harrisburg

By Dick Miller WE.CONNECT.DOTS:   A look at the colossal screw-up involving Pennsylvania’s unemployment compensation (UC) program causes wonder.  Can government still function to help people? Like other states already had, Pennsylvania hopes to design an effortless, customer-friendly process.  About 60 percent of the unemployed eligible for compensation apply and maintain their claims online. The problem […]

Capitolwire: Legislation seeks to expand AG prosecuting power to include local officials. 

Editor:  If we could clean up state corruption, enacting the following would be very helpful in reducing local corruption.   By Robert Swift Staff Writer Capitolwire HARRISBURG (May 16) – The power of the state attorney general to tackle public corruption would be greatly expanded under a legislative proposal stemming from a state investigation into the […]

MILLER: Health care wedge between poor and rich

By Dick Miller WE.CONNECT.DOTS:   The House of Representatives, without a single Democrat vote, recently passed what they claim will be the successor for Obamacare, sending the legislation onto the Senate. The Congressional Budget Office predicts 24 million Americans will lose health insurance coverage with this version, officially known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA).  […]

Congress Will Give the DOJ Exactly Zero Dollars to Go After Medical Marijuana

by Phil Smith This article was produced in collaboration with AlterNet and first appeared here. DRUG WAR CHRONICLE:  The bipartisan congressional budget agreement to keep the federal government operating through September contains exactly no money for the Justice Department to wage war on medical marijuana in states where it is legal. The agreement reached Sunday instead […]

TSUKERMAN: What is behind attacks on Russian opposition leaders?

By Slava Tsukerman On April 27, the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was opening his headquarters in the Russian Siberian city of Barnaul. Unexpectedly he was doused with a bright green liquid, so called “Zelionka”, by an unknown assailant. Zelenka is an inexpensive medicine, commonly used in Russia as a go-to antiseptic for scrapes and cuts. An attacker […]

KEISLING: Kids for Cash in Luzerne County. (Could it happen here?)

The Luzerne County Courthouse Bribery Scandal Reconsidered (aka Kids for Cash) by Bill Keisling Editor’s note: The following is excerpted from a draft of Bill Keisling’s forthcoming book on corruption in Pennsylvania, ‘special legislation’ and the participation and complicity of the media. Anyone wishing for insights into the wholesale corruption of Pennsylvania government and its courts, […]

Who ‘the hell’ is Robert Field to criticize LNP, the current Steinman Family and Dale High?

  Robert E. Field was born in 1937, raised in the Philadelphia area, and relocated with his family to Lancaster in 1967. He graduated from the University of California – Berkeley,’59, with a major in economics.  (Offered a two year graduate fellowship to Cambridge University, he declined it to enter the business world.) At 28, […] © 2016