TSUKERMAN: Russian Commentary re the Assassination of the Duma Defector

By Slava Tsukerman On March 14, 2017, NewsLanc published my article “Duma Defectors” about two former members of the Russian State Duma: Communist party representative Denis Voronenkov and his wife, the renowned opera singer Maria Maksakova, who moved to Kiev and became Ukrainian citizens shortly thereafter. On March 23, Voronenkov was shot in the street in […]

MILLER: Setback of Trumpcare: it ain’t over

By Dick Mlller WE.CONNECT.DOTS:  Liberals, moderates, progressives and just-plain people who need Obamacare health insurance count last week’s Congressional rejection of Trumpcare as a victory. There are reasons not to celebrate. Obamacare will implode soon.  President Trump has plenty of time to make that happen. President Obama rejected outright implementation of universal healthcare, opting instead […]

An allegory re the conviction of a former Penn State president for child endangerment

EDITOR:  The events reported below are fictitious and meant only as a parable  to assist the reader to view matters from a fresh perspective and in the context.of the times.  CEOs deal with dozens of matters each day.  And what at one time frame is perceived as being a “big brother” at another raises the spectra of  pedophilia.  Actions […]

REF SPEAKS: Impeachment is what every highly respected political analyst is thinking but no one is saying

By Robert Field For those born as early as the 1950s, one cannot help feel that we are reliving the tragic Watergate saga that dragged out from June, 1972 through August of 1974 and ended in the imminent impeachment of President Richard Nixon and his last minute resignation. According to Wikipedia: “Watergate was a major political scandal that occurred […]

MILLER: Is healthcare a right?

By Dick Miller   WE.CONNECT.DOTS:   Congress will adopt some version of Trumpcare. Republicans control the government.  Democrats are so ineffective they can hardly be called “loyal opposition.”  President Trump now regards the media as his first enemy, not the Democrats. Healthcare is now all about tax cuts.  Under Obamacare, the rich were targeted for […]

KEISLING: Rolf Larsen conviction and impeachment, 1994

NewsLanc Editor:  This is another excerpt from the book on corruption in Pennsylvania government and media that writer Bill Keisling is preparing for publication later in 2017  (Or so we hope.)  Upon publication, the book will substantiate why Pennsylvania is currently rated among the most corrupt states in the Union.  Things have not changed much and, in some […]

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