Mysterious death of the Russian representative to the UN

By Slava Tsukerman Vitaly Churkin, who served as Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations since 2006, “died suddenly” in New York on Monday, February 20th, one day before his 65th birthday. Churkin’s death triggered a lot of controversial reports. Child movie star, Vitaly Churkin graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations in […]

Democrats show diversity

By Richard Miller   WE.CONNECT.DOTS:   No matter the outcome of Saturday’s battle for the chairperson for Democratic National Committee, the party leaders appeared to emphasize “diversity.” The three leading candidates were: Pete Buttigieg, age 35 – (pronounced “But–tigg– eej”) second term mayor of South Bend, Inc., Harvard educated, a Rhodes scholar, Navy veteran of the […]

Governor Terry McAuliffe Legalizes Syringe Access Programs in Virginia

  Lancaster / Harrisburg / York Harm Reductio Project sponsor syringe exchanges in their respective cities.  For additional information, contact Melinda Zipp, Director.      Thousands of Lives Will Be Saved by Reducing HIV and Hepatitis C   DRUG POLICY ALLIANCE: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signed legislation this week that legalizes syringe access programs in […]

Sean Spicer: Trump’s DOJ Will Push for “Greater Enforcement” of Federal Law in Recreational Marijuana States

Administration Suggests They Will Not Crack Down on Medical Marijuana States DRUG POLICY ALLIANCE:   In a press conference today, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer strongly indicated that Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice (DOJ) will crack down on recreational marijuana programs. When asked about whether the federal government will take action in states that […]

Putin challenges Trump through recognition of documents issued by Ukrainian Separatists

By Slava Tsukerman Most Russians believed that the first move of Donald Tramp as the President of the US will be removing sanctions against Russia. The latest actions and statements of the members of the new American administration showed that Russian expectations were wrong. On February 15, Trump wrote in his Twitter: “Crimea was TAKEN […]

Keisling on dysfunctional Supreme Court and how bond financing became the roots of recent statewide corruption

The following is a first draft of an excerpt from Bill Keisling’s forthcoming book on the history of corruption in Pennsylvania government. Over the past several decades, Keisling notes, as corruption in state government has grown worse, the state’s corporate media has often been complicit with the politicians. These media outlets, sadly, have been important supporting players in […]

Hope in Harrisburg, maybe

By Dick Miller WE.CONNECT.DOTS: There is hope for better governance in Pennsylvania, but improvement cannot happen until the next decade. We are better than halfway through the current decade and power has flowed to the Republican leadership beyond due by voter registration. Through a redistricting process known as “Gerrymandering” many more lawmaker seats are held […]

In the Time of Trump, Can Congress Take the Lead on Marijuana Policy?

by  Phil Smith  psmith This article was produced in collaboration with AlterNet and first appeared here. DRUG WAR CHRONICLE:  While the marijuana community — consumers, industry, and advocates alike — eyes with trepidation the reign of avowed drug warrior Jeff Sessions at the Justice Department, the Trump executive branch isn’t the only game in town when […]

New York State Assembly Passes Landmark Legislation to Seal Past Marijuana Possession Convictions

  Bill is First Step Toward Comprehensive Plan to Redress Harms of the War on Drugs in Communities of Color  Sealing Records for Low-Level Marijuana Offenses Could Help Prevent Deportations in Trump America Advocates Urge Governor to Fully Decriminalize Personal Marijuana Possession, Seal Records, and Pardon People Who Have Been Falsely Arrested DRUG POLICY ALLIANCE: […]

We fall for political lies

By Dick Miller   WE.CONNECT.DOTS:   Politicians and government officials speak a different language. Because we accept these untruths, high taxes and poor services follow. This time of year, “politspeak” gets a little deeper. (Don’t ping your Merriam-Webster.  “Politspeak” is a new term.  A preliminary definition: “pledges by politicians to get re-elected, but – on the […]

Gorsuch on Grass: Where Does Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Come Down on Marijuana? 

  by  Phil Smith   psmith This article was produced in collaboration with AlterNet and first appeared here. DRUG WAR CHRONICLE:  Where does Donald Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court come down on weed? The record is pretty sparse. Neil Gorsuch hasn’t made any known public pronouncements about marijuana policy, and despite his tenure on the 10th […] © 2016