New Wave of Anti-Americanism in Russia

By Slava Tsukerman

As the result of the government propaganda, anti-American and anti–Western sentiments have became very popular in Russia. An ordinary Russian deeply believes that the war in Ukraine and most of the wars were started by USA.

This summer one could see on YouTube a video where Russian students interviewed in a Moscow street were stating that the WWI was between Russia and USA.

Lately such sentiments became the main content of most of Russian media publications.

Here is a very typical example. This week a known writer and blogger Nikolai Starikov wrote:

“WHY AMERICANS PUT FIRE ON UKRAINE?  They put fire on Ukraine to start burning down the entire Russian world. Never forget this.”

It’s easy to find dozens of the similar statements in the Russian media.

On December 24 Russian Orthodox Church official spokesperson Archpriest

Vsevolod Chaplin made an official statement through the INTERFAX News Agency:

“It is not incidentally that Russia by cost of great sacrifice stopped all the global projects that were not matching our conscience, our understanding of history, our understanding of God’s justice: Napoleon’s and Hitler’s projects. We’ll stop American projects as well…

“Russia is the center of the world, and may be the only center that has more reason to be so than European countries or USA.”

Russian stores started selling toilet paper with American flag printed on it. The paper is very popular in spite of the fact that it is twice as expensive then regular toilet paper.

Floor mats looking like American flags appeared this week in a shopping mall in the center of Moscow.

The 14-year daughter of my Russian friend participated in her High School Christmas show.  The main characters of this show, as with all Russian traditional Christmas shows, were Grandpa Frost (Russian variant of Santa Claus) and his grand daughter Snow Maid. But in this show these characters had a protagonist – President Obama.

Obama was introducing sanctions forbidding Russian children to dress festively and to enjoy themselves. Obama forbids Grandpa Frost and Snow Maid to visit Russian children. Then a new character – a Russian Granny appears. She orders Russian children to wash Obama’s dirty black face. Children do it and Obama is defeated. The celebration of Christmas starts.

Here is a headline from one of Russian web sites:

USA prepare an attack from the outer space

Two comments of Russian readers on this article:

–          “What kind of cretinism can these men reach in the pursuit of world dominance” Creating new, more powerful weapons in order to frighten those who do not obey their management principles of world order, bringing civilization to its end. Crossing all limits to meet their ambitions, trying to show the world their power, it does not matter which way, just to achieve their goals …”

–          “It is time for Putin to stop bury his head in the sand, to stop making speeches on ‘the peaceful coexistence’ and begin full preparations for space warfare.”

Some more Russian headlines of this week:

• “On November 27 Russian Aerospace troops have recorded the launch of two foreign ballistic missiles. Another missile was spotted on 29 November.”

• “The center areas of Russia are now defended by two Air Defense divisions equipped with the latest technology.”

• “Russia deployed more troops in the Arctic”

“The latest anti-missile system Pantzir-C1 will be put not only on tanks but also on ships and on the roofs of buildings.”

The Nationalistic web sites publish even much more shocking materials, such as this Russian medal for taking New York:

Updated: December 30, 2014 — 10:48 am


  1. However irrational the majority of Russians feel about the U.S., as an American citizen I remain more worried about why our government funded and supported the overthrow of an elected government in Ukraine. The U.S. supports rebellions all over the world as long as those rebellions lead to any form of government that is pro-U.S. If ethnic Russians seek the same autonomy in Eastern Ukraine they are labeled terrorists. The rest of the world isn’t fooled and U.S. propaganda is worse than Russia’s.

    EDITOR: The Nazis won one election in Germany and that was it. The same occurred in Eastern Europe with Poland and Chekoslavkia with the Communists, along with others. On the other hand, we interfered in Chile and Iran when perhaps we should not have.

  2. Your reporting is anything BUT real!

    Get your heads out of your ass and speak with actual Russians here, THEN report the truth. This doesn’t count your ex-Soviet buddies who are still living in the past.

    I have lived and worked in Moscow for 6 years and have yet to see anybody defile or rebuke the American flag OR its people (ME!). You said “businesses”…all I see is ONE business. And newsflash: you can buy novelty US flag – not to mention nearly any OTHER country – toilet paper most anywhere. Again, in order to pride yourselves on REAL and honest reporting, you must FIRST be unbiased.

    It ISN’T Americans that many (NOT most!) Russians dislike, it’s our government.

    Newsflash #2…I’ve pretty much been sickened and appalled by MOST of what my government does, so having other governments – Russian being just one of them – isn’t at all surprising.

    Newsflash #3: despite your wrongful reporting, nearly every Russian I have spoken with is – SURPRISINGLY – pro-Obama. Despite my warnings, they think he is a rather GOOD president. And though I have tried hard to correct them, they stay fast to their opinions. So saying Russians hate Americans is not only inaccurate, it’s downright slanderous and merely propagating (yet more) hate wars. And don’t we have enough of those with all the gay vs. straight and racism wars going on?!

    Most all Americans are exposed to news-wise is biased Obama-media dogs – not unlike your OWN site – you receive very little of the truth concerning such issues like Ukraine and Crimea…
    inal newsflash: The Ukrainian US/EU/US tax dollar supported coup government is comprised of several KNOWN neo-Nazi members. And the ONLY reason – in my opinion – why the world isn’t already involved in WWIII is that Putin (being the smarter President) preempted Obama’s move to vacate Russia’s base in order to place yet another NATO base surrounding Russia on the Crimean pennisula.

    I find this article boldly inaccurate and slanderous. I would guess that the ex-Russian writer is comfortably living in the US and receiving a generous per diem from Obama, the closet-case Muslim.

    And any preparations Russian may be making military-wise would be prudent taking into account that the US is and has been doing the same for quite some time. They’re called NATO bases.

    But I believe Russia could be worried needlessly. The popular saying, “give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself” leaps to mind here. My once proud nation is fast collapsing in on itself. With all the hate wars going on, presidential decisions circumventing Congress, and “one nation under God” becoming “one nation under none”, America is her own worst enemy.

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