Murder charge against Cincinnati University policeman should alert Millersville U. and F & M administrators

NewsLanc adamantly opposed the arming of Millersville University police personnel and later reported on how F & M police brutally and unwarrantedly assaulted a peaceful and innocent bystander apparently at the request and witnessed by its school president.

Policing requires education and thorough training, along with ongoing instruction and careful supervision. Turning the power of life and death over to individuals in tiny departments in institutions of learning is downright irresponsible.

As evidenced of the soundness of our position, note the excerpts below concerning the murder charges brought against a University of Cincinnati policeman, evidence by the video camera he wore:

University of Cincinnati Officer Indicted in Shooting Death of Samuel Dubose

NEW YORK TIMES: Officer Tensing turned himself in for arrest, and the university, which had put him on administrative leave, said Wednesday that he had been fired. The University of Cincinnati, part of Ohio’s state university system, is typical in having its own force of sworn police officers who carry firearms and have arrest powers; the overwhelming majority of public colleges and universities do as well, according to Justice Department surveys. Most private colleges employ only nonsworn officers who do not have guns.

Mr. Deters said that the university police force should be disbanded because policing is not what a university knows how to do, and that the campus should be patrolled by the Cincinnati Police Department.

In a statement, the university’s president, Santa J. Ono, said the university would “take necessary steps to address any training, staffing and hiring policy issues that may be indicated by this tragic event.” … (more)

Updated: July 31, 2015 — 10:00 am

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  1. I suppose if Franklin and Marshall’s insurance companies are okay with armed guards, then it’s good enough. If I were their insurer, however, I would have dropped the college when their rent-a-cop shot himself in the leg and blamed it on an anonymous attacker.

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