LETTER: ‘Old boy network’ deep in sexual crimes and threatened by Kane

In our state we have a very deep rooted group of family politicians that have been in politics and business for generations. If you are part of the network and screw up, they find another place for you in government or give you a nice business job. All for doing your part for letting them go about their business.

Over the years this group has become deep in sexual crimes. And Miss Kane had this on her radar. It started with Sandusky molesting children and the highest levels of people were probably involved. A county district attorney disappeared over this to never be found again.

And now with many of these people still very alive and involved in state affairs, Miss Kain had had her legal and professional career ended. I just wish the real story would finally be told before these people get away with anymore.

Updated: August 26, 2016 — 11:39 am


  1. Yes. PA good ‘ol boy politics goes way back. Remember what Sophie Mazlov went through to get a women’s restroom in the courthouse when she became Mayor?

  2. This is rather paranoid.

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