LETTER: My Confession

Dear Hillary,
I realize nobody is going to read this email on your end, but I’m writing it anyway.
A lot was riding on this election.  Your losing it to an ignorant, immoral con man and bigot was not merely an epic fail, it was THE epic fail of all time.
Yes, Russia, Wikileaks, fake news, the FBI and the mainstream media are also to blame, but when all is said and done, you ran a bad campaign.
You got people’s money but you didn’t get their vote.  How is that even possible?
Well, for one thing your campaign bombarded small donors like myself day in and day out for more and more political donations, as though elections are only about which candidate raises the most money.
You outraised your opponent about three to one and where did that get you?
In the months leading up to the general election, I received hundreds of emails from you and the likes of Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and even the President himself, reminding me on a daily basis that I had not contributed enough to your campaign to definitively deny Trump the presidency.  I don’t recall receiving a single email from you in which you reacted to what was going on in the world or telling me what you planned to do as President.  Do you have any idea how cynical that made you look in the eyes of Democrats who were actually willing to put their money where their mouths are?
So on election day, despite having contributed thousands of dollars to your campaign, I didn’t vote for you.  In fact, like tens of millions of Americans, I didn’t vote for anybody on November 8th. That’s how upset I was with your campaign.
It wasn’t until your final concession speech that I finally got a sense of who you are and what you stand for. Pity.
So please do all us Democrats a favor and permanently retire from politics.  You and your incompetent handlers have done more than enough damage.
I probably speak for tens of millions of registered Democrats when I say that you are absolutetely the last person I want to hear from in 2017.
Kindly remove my email from that infernal list of yours.
Updated: December 27, 2016 — 8:42 am
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