A New Year’s Resolution and why it pains us to be critical of LNP

By Robert Field, NewsLanc Publisher

As has often been stated in our columns, we are in general very proud of the job that LNP does as a regional newspaper as well as most of its editorial observations.  The loss of a local daily print publication  and web site would be a great set back for Lancastrians.  We take time early every morning to review the newspapers as posted on line in the early morning hours.  (www.lnptoday.com)

Nevertheless, we believe that those whose ancestors were the protectors of the community have become predators as their family has grown in number and, we suspect,  its financial circumstances have waned.  Some one must remind Lancastrians of  the current ownership’s current and past self serving actions over the  past dozen years.  Otherwise they would have  a freehand to even further abuse the public’s trust in order to enrich themselves, especially through the CRIZ vehicle.

So we have a quandary.  How do we show respect for ninety-five percent of the conscientious things that LNP does and yet hold it responsible as the monkey’s paw for enriching its owners at the taxpayers’ expense?

It has cost us past and likely future friendships, some because they disagree and others because people are concerned about being identified with us.  (Of course we are not conversant in ‘small talk’ or ‘warm and cuddly’, which often is reason enough.)

Local stigmatism is often the price of true leadership, and if so, to us it is worth the sacrifices.  Fortunately  there is a world outside of Lancaster.  As Jesus said “A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.”   

Whatever and wherever we may be, we again resolve for 2017 to stand up to an often benighted, readily intimidated and, in the case of a few, a rapacious Lancaster establishment.

But in our eightieth year we worry:  ‘When we no longer are around, who will speak up for ordinary Lancastrians… most of whom are oblivious to our services and how they, their children and grandchildren are being fleeced?’



Updated: January 1, 2017 — 11:56 am
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