What Tom Corbett said and what he did re Joe Paterno

Response to Penn State sex-abuse case came from far and wide:

From THE REPUBLIC: “Branstetter, also Corbett’s nonvoting representative on the Penn State board, often served as a conduit for university officials to the governor’s office as they attempted to control the fallout…”

“David Saxe, an education professor at Penn State, wrote the governor to criticize a lack of transparency on the campus.  ’Every dean, every department head, every administrator . . . was forced to swear fidelity or be silenced,’ he wrote. ‘I urge you to do anything to change this culture . . . that has become Penn State.’”

“Their correspondences were met with a curt form response urging their authors to contact Penn State: ‘Gov. Corbett does not have authority over the university’s internal personnel decisions.’”

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Corbett: Paterno Had to Go

From FOX NEWS: (Nov. 11, 2011) Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett defended his decision to vote to fire Penn State University head football coach Joe Paterno while predicting Sunday that more young victims of ex-defensive coordinator Joe Sandusky will come forward.

Corbett, who as governor is on the university’s board of trustees, told “Fox News Sunday” that even though a grand jury determined Paterno did nothing criminal by not taking further action than reporting to his boss that he heard Sandusky had raped a child in the football team’s locker room, that wasn’t good enough…

Corbett added that while being cautious about discussing a case still under investigation, he saw in Paterno — and University President Graham Spanier, who was also fired — “a failure to act.”

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Updated: January 18, 2012 — 7:33 am
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