Occupy Wall Street- Washington D.C. Photo Album

On Tuesday past, the Watchdog visited the Occupy Wall Street encampment at Freedom Park in Washington, D. C. A photo album with captions follows.

Updated: December 2, 2011 — 10:46 pm


  1. I have been taking pictures of the movement and upload them to youtube.


  2. Hello, love all the pictures of Occupy Washington DC. I am actually in the one holding the paper to Wally our Occupup as we like to call him. We are really trying to distinguish the fact that we are not Occupy DC.

    Occupy DC is located at Mc Pherson Square and a totally separate Occupation. We are Occupy Washington DC at Freedom Plaza. The media always lumps us in as one. We are working really hard to change that.

    Thank you for all the great pictures and the time you spent on the Plaza. Please visit us again.

  3. They are the 50% of the 99% that is represented in DC’s 100% occupiers. Trying to distinguish themselves as separate while riding the coat tails of Occupy Wall Street slogans, watchwords, and shibboleths. Confusing it is. It appears that the October2011 organizers are not willing to sacrifice their Andy Warhol minutes for the grander scheme.

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