Month: January 2010


After challenging the concept of streetcars for initial cost, applicability to a small city such as Lancaster, and obstructing traffic during rush hour, Carol Petersen’s column re streetcars concludes: “Many of the cities with so-called ‘heritage’ lines cited by Lancaster streetcar fans found their ridership dropped off steeply after an initial period of either free […]

Gentrification is not a bad word

In social justice circles, say the word “gentrification” and you get sneers. Rising values often mean higher taxes which drive lower income neighbors out. And the idea of latte-drinking, Volvo-driving yuppies taking over a community sends shudders down our collective spine. But there are other view points. Some think that new grocery stores, restaurants and shops will only ever open with the push that higher-income neighbors can provide.

“Nullification” was an unknown option for Woomer jury

NewsLanc takes no position on whether Jay O’Shea Woomer administered the morphine to 11-year old Brent Weaver that resulted in his death. But we do disagree with the anonymous juror interviewed by a reporter from the Intelligencer New Era who made the following assertion: “There were many tears, but that’s what we believed happened. It was very, very painful to follow the law. We were doing our duty and following the rules of the law.”

CC director reluctant to predict impact of hotel room tax revenues

At the January 28 meeting of the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority, NewsLanc asked what the impact will be from recent and future declines in hotel room tax revenue. Executive Director Kevin Molly, however, was reluctant to make any definite projections: “We really don’t have any idea, but if we have to provide our best information, we see a slight increase for next year,” Molly asserted, “The impact of that—too early to tell.”


“The Senate on Thursday confirmed Ben Bernanke to a second term as chairman of the Federal Reserve by a strong majority just three days before his current tenure expired, ending a surprisingly tenacious confirmation process that underscored widespread anger at the government’s response to the financial crisis. “The 70-30 tally followed a tense procedural vote […] © 2016