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Bulb outs worsen downtown intersections

Posted on March 30th, 2009

Bulb outs worsen downtown intersections

Below is [an excerpt from] the 2nd letter/editor I’ve seen opposing bulb-outs (the name given to extended curbs at intersections) in downtown Lancaster.

Both Mayor Gray and Charlotte Katzenmoyer have made public statements in favor of bulb-outs. Perhaps you can look into this.

Does [the City Engineer] actually research the advisability of a bulb-out at a particular location, or merely check to see If the design conform to PennDOT requirements?

“….One of the heaviest intersections in town is the corner of South Queen and Vine streets. It’s bad enough as it is with traffic turning left onto South Queen or onto Vine, especially when people are backed up leaving the parking garage of the newspaper. The traffic gets backed up when someone is turning onto South Queen, and, if they do not stay to the center, no one can get by if they are traveling Vine Street to Duke Street. If they do stay to the center, traffic can go around them. Now with the extended sidewalk, no one can pass….”


Why just the 1999 Ernst & Young article?

Posted on March 30th, 2009

Why just the 1999 Ernst & Young article?

In answer to your question: Was the New Era 1999 article re Ernst & Young disingenuous?, the answer is a no-brainer. The question is why you selected only one article when there are now almost 10 years of disingenuous, one-sided, self-serving, narcissistic, and irresponsible reporting on the entire project.

From content, the total lack of reasonable questioning, timing and a generally unbalanced, flawed, and incomplete logic behind almost all stories, the question applies to almost every story on the CC within LNP.

Editors response: We are just getting started!



Posted on March 30th, 2009


Associated Press dispatch headed “Sources: Obama to give GM two months to restructure” goes on to say “Under the plan, the government would provide up to $6 billion to forge the alliance between Chrysler and Fiat, but if the companies failed to reach an agreement or find an alternative plan for viability, Chrysler would not receive additional aid.”

WATCHDOG: What madness! Is the federal government unaware that General Motors paid over a billion dollars to Fiat just a decade ago to disentangle itself from doing business with what a knowledgeable author described as the second Italian Mafia?

A fellow company of NewsLanc shut down its three Fiat auto dealerships in Hungary rather than go along with Fiat’s violation of contracts and arguably laws.

At the same time, troubled Fiat gave all of the public signs of an impending profitable merger with an American auto maker while privately selling off a large portion of the stock of the founding family at a momentarily inflated price. The value of the stocked plunged to a new low when the merger did not materialize a few months later.

A deal with Fiat would create a direct pipe line for American taxes to this disreputable company.

Chapter 11 would be a far better arrangement for employees, dealers, customers and our country!


No lingering under Marriott portico

Posted on March 30th, 2009

A NewsLanc reader, viewing the Marriott Hotel canopy being constructed in front of the Watt & Shand facadel, inquired “When one drives up to check in, what happens with the traffic?”

We asked Tom Smithgall of High Associates: “How many lanes are there for the traffic under the portico.”

He replied “About 2 lanes.” Hmm.

We asked “Is there room for cars to park for a few minutes while the driver registers without obstructing curb side registration?”

Smithgall replied: “This will be an operational issue for the staff at Interstate Hotels & Resorts to manage, but the idea is for people to arrive, remove their luggage and to choose to valet or not. As you can see, and is the case in some urban hotels, the area is not for lingering as there may be many others coming at the same time. The valet service and the staff are to make this as seamless and inviting as possible for the guests.”


EDITORIAL: SD of L soccer off to disasterous start

Posted on March 30th, 2009

Junior Varsity Girls Soccer at McCaskey has scored one goal to the opponents 18 while losing their first three games of the season. The Varsity has also lost all three games by lopsided scores.

It’s all about lack of training of coaches and, despite over a year of prodding and offers from outside the District to subsidize the instruction of coaches, Superintendent Pedro Rivera and more recently Athletic Director Jon Mitchell aren’t doing a thing about it.

Next we will hear whining about how these kids are not motivated. Bull! The ably coached track team wins more than its share of metes. So can the other teams successfully compete when coaches learn how to conduct meaningful practices.

The good intentions of coaches are not enough. Teachers and coaches need to know how to teach their subjects! And Rivera and Mitchell need to know how to manage.


Was the New Era 1999 article re Ernst & Young disingenuous?

Posted on March 29th, 2009

The following is excerpted from the Aug. 26, 1999 New Era.

“In a display that united old foes and bridged city-county and Republican- Democrat differences, county leaders have embraced plans for a $75 million downtown hotel and convention center with almost religious zeal…

“Representatives of Ernst & Young, an international accounting firm and industry leader in real estate analysis, presented the findings of their study supporting the plan.

“The project includes a 281-room four-star hotel, a 61,000-square- foot convention center built on vacant land adjacent to the former store and on the site of Oblender’s Inc. furniture store, and a $7 million expansion and renovation of the King Street parking garage…

“After completion, the project would employ 577 full-time workers, generate $13.3 million annually in sales, income and personal income taxes and create another $30.7 million annually in local goods and services, she said.”

Note that the “75 million downtown hotel and convention center” ended up costing almost $200 million.

Given the recent NewsLanc analysis of the report, note the false description of the Ernst & Young study as “supporting the plan.”

Note the 61,000 square foot convention center ended up over three times that size.

Note the absurd claim of generating “577-full time jobs.” Again, this is about three times what is taking place.

What we do agree is that “county leaders have embraced plans… with almost religious zeal.” It had to be a matter of faith because there was little about the facts that was encouraging.


Questions LCCCA marketing efforts and opening date

Posted on March 29th, 2009

Questions LCCCA marketing efforts and opening date

Personally, I do not think Interstate put really seasoned management here from the presentations that the current sales and management provided.

Also, the over one million dollars that the LCCCA gave for their services was spent mostly on attending shows to drum up business. That money could have remained in the area and brought much better bookings that may generate outside shopping dollars and recreational dollars.

My opinion of the bookings that are on the record are just business TEMPORARILY taken from other sites in the County and will return to those sites IF the food, parking, safety and management are not up to standards that they have received elsewhere.

A person invited on a tour said IF they hit JUNE they will be fortunate.


Unrealistic Convention Center schedule

Posted on March 29th, 2009

Unrealistic Convention Center schedule

Note that the previous end of March opening date – which itself had earlier been changed from January 1 – was set while Ted Darcus and Dave Hixson were still running the LCCCA with iron fists.

But who actually had demanded such an unrealistic date? Was it someone from the Penn Square Partners?

Art Morris and Kevin Molloy have done a fantastic job of working under impossible conditions. But the demands which have been placed upon them were clearly not humanly achievable.


EDITORIAL: Naivete or hypocrisy, or both?

Posted on March 29th, 2009

The Sunday News “Perspective Section” rails against greed and privilege on the national level (Gil Smart: “Too big to suffer the consequences”) and corruption on the state level (Editorial: “The State for Scandal.”)

What is missing is any censorship of local practices, as though Lancaster has remained pristine during an era that was recently aptly described as notable for the “Incredible greed and dishonesty of the ruling class of America.”

The entire history of the Convention Center Project scam is proof, as is methodically being established by the series in NewsLanc. And the Lancaster Newspapers, Inc. played a pivotal role and endeavored to profit from it.

Lancaster citizenry awaits the day that newspaper management will make a public apology for years of disinformation and propaganda (and possibly worse!) But first the executive floor will need to be cleaned out.



Posted on March 29th, 2009


A “Living” section front page article is titled “Circumcision: Nationwide, practice is declining; but Lancaster County keeps to tradition.” It goes on to say “Circumcision was once believed to contribute to cleanliness and, therefore, reduce risk of urinary-tract infections and even sexually transmitted diseases. Then, a 1999 policy statement, made after a two-year investigation by the American Academy of Pediatrics, determined the procedure was not significantly effective in preventing infection or disease.”

WATCHDOG: A quick search of “AIDS Circumcision Africa” on Google produced an April 27, 2006 New York Times article headlined “Circumcision Studied in Africa as AIDS Preventive.”

It states: “The most striking studies suggest that men can lower their own risk of infection by roughly two-thirds, and that infected men can reduce the odds of transmitting the virus to their partners by about 30 percent, simply by undergoing circumcision. Research suggests that the cells on the underside of the foreskin are prime targets for the virus and that tears and abrasions in the foreskin can invite the infection.”

The findings have been substantiated by further studies and are well accepted. Where circumcision has been combined with single partner sexual relationships and condoms, the ratio of HIV / AIDS in the population in African nations has dropped to Western levels, approximately 3%.

Circumcision is accepted in Muslim countries but it will take much education to successfully introduce it into other cultures. Practitioners of native medicine are often enlisted into the effort.


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"....I have never made it a consideration whether the subject was popular or unpopular, but whether it was right or wrong; for that which is right will become popular, and that which is wrong, though by mistake it may obtain the cry or fashion of the day, will soon lose the power of delusion, and sink into disesteem." Thomas Paine, Common Sense, on "Financing the War", March 5, 1782


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