Month: March 2009

EDITORIAL: Naivete or hypocrisy, or both?

The Sunday News “Perspective Section” rails against greed and privilege on the national level (Gil Smart: “Too big to suffer the consequences”) and corruption on the state level (Editorial: “The State for Scandal.”)

What is missing is any censorship of local practices, as though Lancaster has remained pristine during an era that was recently aptly described as notable for the “Incredible greed and dishonesty of the ruling class of America.”


A “Living” section front page article is titled “Circumcision: Nationwide, practice is declining; but Lancaster County keeps to tradition.” It goes on to say “Circumcision was once believed to contribute to cleanliness and, therefore, reduce risk of urinary-tract infections and even sexually transmitted diseases. Then, a 1999 policy statement, made after a two-year investigation by […]


A “special report” appeared on March 27 entitled: “The young & the homeless Students who live in motels, shelters or even cars are an ongoing nationwide and local problem. Lancaster and Hempfield, the county’s two biggest school districts, are coping with troubling increases.” WATCHDOG: Two wags of the tail for this timely, informative and compelling […]

What really happened at TMI 25 years ago

Special to NewsLanc from H. Michael Gray. Gray wrote the original screenplay for “The China Syndrome.” His book, “The Warning: Accident at TMI,” is based on his on-scene reporting, operator interviews, and the five official studies that followed.

The “unplanned event” at Three Mile Island 30 years ago this month was set in motion by the failure of a $20 check valve in a half-inch copper pipe. That minor incident led to a series of cascading failures that presented the men in the control room with a situation they had never seen before and had never been trained to handle. With key instruments gone haywire, flying blind, they made a couple of bad choices that wiped out the plant and released a still unknown amount of radioactivity into the air.


In an article titled “Nuclear’s comeback isn’t cheered by all”, the Intell reports “Currently, 17 companies have applied to the NRC for 26 licenses, and new plants may soon be built, creating as many as 100,000 new jobs.” WATCHDOG: Shh! Don’t tell the New Era. They wrote nuclear energy’s obituary a couple of weeks back.

Art community voices concerns at CC meeting

At Thursday’s Lancaster County Convention Center Board Meeting, several local artists addressed the Board with concerns that the surrounding art community was not properly informed of a potential business opportunity. On February 19, a Request for Proposal (RFP) was published by the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority (LCCCA) for over $78,000 worth of art for Lancaster County Convention Center.


An article appears with a frowning picture of State Representative Mike Sturla headed “Sturla’s nonprofit may be scrutinized by AG.” The opening sentences are: “The case of the once-powerful state lawmaker accused of misusing money from a nonprofit he founded is likely to shed light on a small number of similar foundations in Pennsylvania, including […] © 2016