Month: July 2008


In his July 27 column, “Waging war on culture of debt”, Gil Smart states “Our national savings rate is zero; and while it’s rarely discussed, this is one reason our economy has been so resilient. The moment Americans stop spending money they don’t have is the moment the economy careens into the ditch.” WATCHDOG: Not […]


The lead article on July 25 is “Shades of Gray: an Interview with Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray” WATCHDOG: Talk about a “Puff Piece!” What a dedicated mayor and charming guy the mayor is. Sample quote: “Our goal is continuous improvement.”

EDITORIAL: Did SD of L School Board make the wrong choice?

NewsLanc has been sitting on evidence of bungling, ineptitude and total failure to properly administer the School District of Lancaster’s athletic program. Our preference was for behind the scenes discussions that would spare public criticism and discord. Meetings were held last spring with Athletic Director Allen McCloud and later Assistant Superintendant Drue Miles with McCloud […]

“Isn’t Lancaster Different?”

Dr. Sanders (of the Brookings Report) commented on the Convention Center a few years ago. At the presentation at Liberty Place, he showed how every CC had failed woefully below promised expectations. Mayor Smithgall asked “Isn’t Lancaster different?” (Implying that Lancaster was so different that the CC would succeed here.) Dr. Sanders wryly noted that […]

What is going on?

I am worried for the city residents, the ones that have bought due to affordability of price and not being educated on the tax consideration. Lancaster City is currently the highest community tax-wise in the county… If the city needs to raise the taxes to accommodate all this preparation, it can and will. If the […]

Questions $175k in compensation

I have nothing against [David] McCudden and do not question his contributions [as the former county engineer]; however, wouldn’t $175k make him the highest paid employee in the County? I believe that is more than the President Judge makes and closing in on 250% of a commissioner’s salary…that is what struck me as “odd” to […] © 2016